Reliable Switching Installation Contactors from Austria

Installation Contactors are switches activated electromagnetically. If a control current flows through the magnetic coil, the primary circuit close. It remains in the on-position as long as the control current is flowing.


  • Installation contactors are particularly well suited to high frequencies of operation for switching high currents.
  • Contactors are only intended up to a point for isolation operations. They must be protected against overloading and short-circuits by upstream protective devices.
  • The R model satisfies the requirements of utilization categories AC 1 and AC 3 and to a certain extent AC 7b.
  • The utilization categories denote the characteristics of the load and the maximum operating current and voltage that the contactor can switch in normal operation. The R model has an extremely low hum level and is suitable for continuous operation (duty ratio 100%).


  • Light bulbs
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • Transformers for low voltage halogen lamps
  • High-pressure mercury vapour lamps (HQL, HPL)
  • Metal halide lamps (HQI, HPI)
  • Low and high-pressure sodium vapour lamps
  • Thermal storage heating stoves
  • Drives (motors)


  • Space-saving with high lamp loads per pin
  • Low power consumption
  • Large clamp cross-sections with generous terminal compartment
  • Low level of heat build-up
  • High thermal loading capacity of poles
  • Low noise switching