• ISKRA NFIB are Type B RCCB, for which tripping is ensured as for Type A and in addition for smooth D.C residual currents, residual D.C currents which may result from rectifying circuits and high frequency a.c. residual currents

  • Function of detection, evaluation and interruption for Type A residual current do not depend on the line voltage for which evaluation of smooth D.C residual currents supply voltage greater than 50 v is required which can be applied to any two poles only.

  • Relevant for applications with frequency inverters, medical devices, UPS, mobile installations and elevators.

  • For type B tripping conditions for frequencies up to 1 kHz are defined

  • Versions: -NFIBK: short-time delay tripping

  • Surge current withstand capability with current waveform 8/20µs is 3kA.

  • When designing and installing electrical installations, electrical loads that can generate D.C residual currents in the event of fault, must be assigned a separate electrical circuit.

  • Optional operating position

  • Degree of protection IP20; after installation in a distribution box IP40

  • Assembly to a 35 mm wide mounting rail inaccordance with EN60715

  • Available from 20A – 80A in 30mA, 100mA, 300mA and 500mA.

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